May_logo_bw Jack May shares his lifelong enthusiasm for almost everything about his cars and sports car racing. Enter his world of ultimate risk and speed.


[one-half]JCM_name The truth is, I am completely fascinated by the automobile. Probably this is genetic, as most of my recent forebears were lifetime car lovers. Automobiles are many things: complex and ingenious machines, works of sculptural art to rival Michaelangelo’s carvings, and expressions of engineering genius.


Perhaps most appealing, cars make individual freedom of movement available like nothing else. Cars became sporting as soon as the second automobile was constructed. Mankind loves speed. Speed is the penultimate sensual pleasure! [/one-half] [one-half last] As a youth I was an insatiable reader and automotively knowledgeable long before I could drive.  With my first driving adventure, I was enthralled. I had found a new love!

An old African proverb says that once a baboon tastes honey, his feet never again touch the ground. Cars to me are like honey to baboons!



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